What is an Order of Protection?

An order of protection is a court order prohibiting any contact with a person alleged to have been subjected to, threatened with or placed in fear of domestic abuse, stalking or sexual assault.  A person seeking an order of protection does so by filing a sworn petition.  A magistrate or judge may issue a temporary order upon a finding of an immediate and present danger of abuse.  Once the temporary order of protection is issued, a hearing must take place within 15 days to determine whether the temporary order should be extended for up to a year or whether it should be dissolved.

A person against whom an order of protection is issued faces serious consequences including loss of the ability to possess a firearm and potential criminal charges for any violation of the order.

If you have an upcoming hearing on a temporary order of protection, or if you wish to appeal the finding made by a General Sessions Judge, you would be well served to contact an attorney immediately.  Hearings and appeals are time-sensitive matters.  An experienced attorney will be familiar with the rules of evidence applicable at the hearing, and will be prepared to cross examine the opposing party, providing the judge with valuable insight into the matter which may not otherwise come to light. To begin the process of preparing for your hearing, call 615-244-7447 or use our online form.

For more information about orders of protection, you may review the relevant statutes in the Tennessee Code by following this link.