Do I Need a Title IX Defense Attorney?

Nashville Title IX Defense Attorney

If you have been contacted by a campus official concerning a violation of your university’s sexual misconduct policy, you would be well served to immediately contact an experienced Title IX defense attorney to help you in responding to the investigation.  Often these investigations involve subject matter that can easily result in a criminal investigation by law enforcement.  As such, it is important to consult with a law firm that is equipped to address not only the repercussions of the campus investigation but also the potential consequences of a criminal investigation.

Stephens Law, PLC is particularly well situated to represent the interests of students who have been accused of sexual misconduct on campus.  Matt Stephens is a former prosecutor with extensive experience in criminal law which provides him with the additional tools needed to protect the rights of students in disciplinary proceedings.

If you, as a student, have been accused of violating the sexual misconduct policy at a university or college, then your case is almost certainly proceeding in accordance with the school’s Title IX policy.  These investigations typically involve a process separate and apart from the general disciplinary policy.

The Title IX office will generally seek to schedule an interview quickly which often gives the student very little time to consult with an attorney.  In order to properly protect yourself, it is important to speak with an experienced attorney as soon as possible which, preferably, will take place before any interaction with a Title IX coordinator or investigator.

The best defense strategy will depend on your particular situation.  Obviously, expulsion and criminal prosecution are scenarios in which you will seek to avoid, but the complexities of both criminal and education law require that you seek competent legal counsel in order to protect your rights as a student and a citizen.  Stephens Law, PLC has experience handling both criminal and Title IX investigations.

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